The Turtle Room caters for
children aged between 2-3 years

Our Turtle Room operates at a 1:5 educator to child ratio. The Early Childhood Educators in this room
have a range of qualifications including a Bachelor of Early Childhood, Diploma of Children’s Services
and Certificate III in Children’s Services.

The program provided in the Turtle Room encourages the children to develop self-help
skills and grow their independence. The environment is set up to allow each child to reach
their own potential while they make discoveries through play.

Our 2016 Turtle Room Room goals are:

  • To provide a safe and nurturing environment, where each child feels they belong.
  • To form secure attachments with each child.
  • To show genuine affection, understanding & respect for each child.
  • To nurture and guide each child’s journey of learning & discovery.
  • To build and maintain collaborative partnerships with each family.
  • To provide each child with their basic needs so they can thrive.
  • The educators will patiently allow time and space for each child to succeed.
  • The educators will offer strategies when needed to allow the child to bring their own energy and learning to experiences
  • For each child’s individual needs to be meet through a flexible routine.
  • For educators to communicate and interact respectfully with each other and value each other’s strength and skills