The Sea Shell Room operates with a 1:10 educator to child ratio. This room offers a specialized school readiness program that has been developed in consultation with local kindergarten teachers. The educators in this room have a range of qualifications including a Bachelor of Early Childhood, a Diploma of Children’s Services and Certificate III in Children’s Services.

The school readiness program encourages children to develop their social and self-help skills in preparation
for a successful transition into the school environment. Their literacy and numeracy skills are constantly challenged in a fun environment that encourages a passion for learning through discovery. The program also teaches environment responsibility and sustainability, with a focus on recycling, reducing waste, caring for the environment and growing our own produce.

Our 2016 Sea Shell Room goals are:

  • That our educators identify and respect one another’s experiences, knowledge, strengths and interests and embrace the diversity of the team whilst striving for excellence.
  • That the children will develop skills in conflict resolution and will be guided to make choices, accept challenges, take considered risks, manage change and cope with the unexpected in a developmentally-appropriate manner.
  • To provide our children with a stimulating learning environment that reflects their interest and allows them to guide their own learning.
  • To give the children the opportunity to enhance all areas of their development, to promote a successful transition to school.
  • To foster participation in a variety of experiences that encourage the children to lead healthy lifestyles and understand the importance of good nutrition.
  • To teach the children about literacy and numeracy.
  • For the children to identify the uses of technology in everyday life, and use real and imaginary technologies as props in their play.
  • That the educators work in partnerships with families, and encourage parent involvement in the program.
  • For each child’s individual needs to be meet through a flexible routine.
  • For educators to communicate and interact respectfully with each other and value each other’s strength and skills