Wyong Little Learners Educational Program

We believe that children learn most effectively through a child-centred approach, which is based around their ideas and interests and has a strong family focus.

Teaming together a rich variety of skills, interests, training and experience, our educators here at Wyong Little Learners are committed to providing a program which supports challenges and extends children as they strive to make meaning of their world.

We aim to:

  • Utilise our centre Philosophy and goals as the basis for planning programs, setting up environments and for how we interact with children throughout our implementation of the curriculum.
  • Create and sustain a learning environment in which children are challenged to be puzzled, to explore, to create and to be provoked to see the familiar in a different way.
  • Acknowledge and extend children’s communicative, creative and intellectual competencies through the provision of genuine learning experiences with personal meaning for children.
  • Acknowledge the importance of play for children as a way of finding meaning and developing an understanding of their world.
  • Use observation as a powerful tool for developing a meaningful curriculum centred on the children’s own needs, interests and ideas.
  • Encourage positive interaction, negotiation, and co-operation between children through small and large group collaborative projects based around the interests and ideas of the children involved.
  • Acknowledge the need to belong, to be involved and to have a sense of ownership within the learning environment.
  • Collaborate with families in a shared approach to children’s education and care, viewing the importance of parents, and extended family members as both recipients and contributors of information.
  • Honour children’s work and their construction of knowledge through the use of ongoing documentation and display which children can share with each other and their families.

Utilise an integrated planning approach that takes children’s interests into account when building the centre’s activity and learning plans. This method of interest-based learning allows children to take part in activities focusing on different developmental areas and helps them become confident and successful learners.